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1736 Eagle Drive
Hixson, TN 37343
Phone: 423.842.4630
Email: LeePickles@epbfi.com
We have six new introductions this year for your consideration. All are
tetraploids, and most are limited. We always grow a few of our
introductions in the greenhouse during the winter for those wanting their
plants early.

We will try to meet your request for shipping starting in April. This
sometimes is a very wet month which does not allow us to get into the
field to dig. Remember, this is not Florida and plants will not be large that
early. Please be patient with us and we will get your orders out as close to
the date requested as possible. It would help us if you would make some
suggestions for gift plants to send with your order.

We will gladly hold plants from email and telephone calls for ten days, at
which time we expect to receive your written order and check in the mail.
You will find an order form with this web site. Sorry for this
inconvenience, but we are a small family garden and have only so many
plants of each introduction.

Our garden is State inspected and our plants are guaranteed to be true to
name. If for some reason you receive plants you are not happy with,
simply return them for a refund.

It has just become too expensive for us to accept credit cards. We do
accept checks and Pay Pal.

If you find yourself in the southeast near Chattanooga, please stop and
visit with us. In March, April and May we have many newer cultivars
blooming in the greenhouse. We usually have good garden bloom from
the end of May to the end of June. We will also have several thousand
seedlings blooming in late May and early June. A call ahead is appreciated
to insure we are here to greet
you. Always some special garden prices.

Lee and Jean Pickles
Chattanooga Daylilies
Thank you for visiting our website. It is a work in
progress and things are added often. We invite you to
check back to see what is new. A
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image will make it larger.

Growing daylilies in 2013 was trying. Like many of you,
we had a lot of rain most of the summer. We had copius
amounts of early rains then more rain than normal, so
the daylilies managed to bloom and strut their stuff.

Our daylilies are not “pumped up”. We do not throw
the fertilizer to them so that the fans are as big around
as your wrist. Our plants usually get less than normal
fertilizer and water . . . they survive. Because of this,
our introductions normally grow better for other
people than they do for us.
Sara helping Jean with one of
her perennial beds.
Jean's raised perennial bed
gets prettier each year.
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